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Jumbo Supermarkten B.V.

Industry, Trade & Finance

As one of the biggest supermarket organization in the Netherlands we take our responsibility to support and propagate sustainable soy. For Jumbo it isa ll about the costumer. Jumbo wants to be the ideal supermarket. Every day we strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This is what drives us at Jumbo. In addition, we continue to focus on the world in which we can we live. Because we like to be a good neighbour in the society and our surroundings. Now and in the future. We believe that we can always do things better, different and cheaper. We want the outperform the expectations of our customers. Our misión is to make fans of our customers.

With the RTRS membership we will be able to contribute to consumer and producers awareness regarding sustainability and the efforts are being made in the soy supply chain and the growing of soy is not harming our important natural capital like rain forest areas.

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