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Bakkavor Foods Ltd

Reino Unido
Industry, Trade & Finance

Bakkavor is the leading manufacturer of fresh prepared food in the UK, with a growing international presence in the US and China. In the UK and US, the company works with leading grocery retailers to support them in differentiating their product offer by focusing on their own label brands and policy commitments, for example, zero net deforestation; in China they supply foodservice operators.

Environmental sustainability is one of the core pillars of their responsible sourcing strategy to ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of their supply chain.  Sourcing ingredients and materials from more than 50 countries, they recognise their responsibility to procure ingredients and materials in a way that is as environmentally sound as possible, as well as support the sustainability commitments of the UK’s leading retailers. Whilst soybeans and their derivatives are used as direct ingredients in some Bakkavor products, the greater footprint comes from the embedded soy through the use of animal products, including dairy, poultry, meat and farmed fish.

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