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COOP Sweden AB

Industry, Trade & Finance

Coop Sverige ltd is the name of the KF Group’s grocery retail group. KF is a co-operative with 3.4 million members. Coop runs grocery retail trade in chains like Coop Forum, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum, Coop Nära and Coop Bygg with 700 stores throughout Sweden. The company also operates a internet based store within the Stockholm and Gothenburg region.. Together with the retail consumer societies, Coop accounts for 21.5% of the grocery retail market in Sweden.

KF’s sustainability policy is adopted by the KF Board and Steering Group’s action on sustainability issues. The policy assumes that the business will be run sustainably financially, environmentally and socially. It is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact initiative as KF joined in 2007. Each business, business company and support function in the KF Group is responsible for implementing KF policy for sustainable development in their business and establishes the necessary responsibilities, and procedures.

Historical Reports
Year Name File
2018 Coop Sweden AB Report
2017 Coop Sweden AB Report
2014 Coop Sweden AB Report