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A Global Platform for Meeting Demand

RTRS Certified Soy may be sold and/or acquired in any of the two following formats: as physical material or as credits. In fact, every year, after their annual audit, producers may choose from either option, or even combine them, to sell their certified volume on the marketplace.


What is Physical Material?

Sale or acquisition of physical material implies assuring that soy was produced and monitored throughout the supply chain as per RTRS Standard requirements. In this case, the requirement is that product traceability must be assured throughout the transaction, and this requires the RTRS Certification in the Chain of CustodySome organizations have already chosen to apply for it, enabling and channeling physical flow.


What are Credits?

Credit purchase is another option, besides acquisition of physical materials. We are aware that there are many businesses and social organizations that are interested in contributing with this initiative, but do not know how to do so. As a response to this, we have created this possibility.

With one credit per ton of responsible soy, producers may decide to sell all or a part of their production under this format through the RTRS Trading Platform. The fact that these credits are available enables buyers to publicly declare that they have encouraged responsible production, and they even place the RTRS Credit Logo on their products, thus strengthening their own commitment with responsible soy.