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Acquiring RTRS Physical Soy


Requiring certified soy under the RTRS Standard assures transparency and a higher rate of compliance on the production level

There are two ways of acquiring RTRS Soy: Physically or through RTRS Credits.

Acquiring physical material means taking a decisive step towards environmental and social commitment. It implies making sure that purchased soy was produced and treated throughout the whole chain as per RTRS Standard requirements.

Soy has surpassed the limits of its direct by-products to form part of the production and manufacturing of food and other products present in our everyday lives. Milk, pork, chicken, cheese…. are only some of them and they account for a percentage of soy in their total composition.

You can get to know the impact of your soy consumption with our Soy Print Calculator.


So, how may I acquire RTRS Responsible Soy?

The only way of acquiring physical RTRS Certified Soy is by making sure that the RTRS soy has been controlled throughout the supply chain. Otherwise, how would you know if what you have received is really the result of your investment in responsible soy production? Product follow-up (traceability) is only possible if you request the rest of the supply chain that they also get involved in this initiative and that they comply with our Standard. Thus, we will all be assured that we are encouraging responsible soy production throughout the whole process.