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Acquiring RTRS Soy Credits

Support responsible soy production. All of us can do it!

There are two ways of acquiring RTRS Soy:

Physical flows or RTRS Credits.

RTRS Soy Credits have huge advantages. Acquiring such credits means making a direct impact on the agri-ecological environment and, at the same time, recognizing those producers who have chosen to adopt our certification. In the end, all of our soy consumption has an impact, which you can get to know with our Soy Print Calculator. So, by acquiring our credits, you can show your interest in and commitment with encouraging a form of production that is environmentally appropriate, socially adequate and economically feasible.

Thus, according to our Standard, one ton of certified soy is equivalent with one credit of responsible soy production, and it may be exchanged through the RTRS Credit Trading Platform. Once having acquired credits, businesses or organizations may make public claims of having supported responsible production by its commitment with the purchase of RTRS Credits. Besides, they may increase the visibility of their support and communicate this directly to customers and end consumers by using the RTRS Credit Logo label on its packaging.

Who May Acquire Credits? Organizations interested in contributing with responsible soy production, even if they are not direct consumers, as well as businesses that use soy or soy by-products in their products and that wish to balance their impact by purchasing a number of credits equivalent to their soy consumption.


How Does the Platform Work?

The RTRS Credit Trading Platform is a technological support tool that grants credits to producers for their production of certified soy. Thus, such credits may be traded independent from the chain of physical flow.

The steps for acquiring credits, as well as the different pathways for acquiring RTRS Certified materials, are explained in the Guide for RTRS Material Trading.