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How to Contribute to Change

Change implies adopting and encouraging best agricultural and business practices. It implies respecting and communicating with local communities. It is taking care of our resources. It is keeping a healthy and safe environment. It is avoiding environmental degradation. It is committing yourself to creating a better future for all of us.

Nowadays, soy is one of the most important agricultural products on a global level and, as such, its impact goes beyond borders, both territorial and organizational.  As a matter of fact, soy is present in many of our day-to-day products, so even an individual’s soy consumption has an impact, which you can get to know with our Soy Print Calculator.

Therefore, the overall value chain is involved in this and, hence, all of its members may turn into agents of change. Sectors as diverse as those of producers, industry, trade, finance, and civil society may get together with the same purpose: responsible soy production.

How? Through RTRS, because we have devised a way of having each one of us find its way of contributing to change.


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There are no given answers. Only joint solutions.


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