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National Interpretations

For a Standard Applicable Throughout the World.

Being aware of different realities, geographic regulations and production systems around the world, we acknowledged the need for making National Interpretations in our RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production. Through these interpretations, we make sure that our Certification System adjusts to all the variations present in different countries.

To date, we have National Interpretations in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Uruguay, Bolivia and Canadaand we are currently working on the corresponding interpretation of Paraguay.


How are they done?

The first step in setting up a National Technical Group (NTG) made up of representatives from the three RTRS constituencies. This group is responsible for analyzing the RTRS Standard vis a vis the reality of the relevant country, in their successive meetings. Once a draft National Interpretation (NI) is developed, field tests are carried out for determining if such NI is applicable to the relevant country. Then, it is subject to public consultation so as to receive feedback on what has been done so far. Upon completion of this process, the NTG shall meet again for analyzing the feedback derived from the consultation and for determining if the draft interpretation can be submitted or not to the Executive Board  for approval. If not approved, the NI review process is repeated.

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