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Mission and Vision


Encourage current and future soybean is produced in a responsible manner to reduce social and environmental impacts while maintaining or improving the economic status for the producer.


• The development, implementation and verification of a global standard

• The commitment of the stakeholders involved in the value chain of soybean


That soy help to meet social needs, environmental and economic consequences of the present generation without compromising the resources and the welfare of future generations and allowing the construction of a better world through consensus and joint action.


  • Facilitate a global dialogue on soy that is economically viable, socially equitable and environmentally sound.
  • Reach consensus among key stakeholders and players linked to the soy industry.
  • Act as Forum to develop and promote a standard of sustainability for the production, processing, trading and use of soy.
  • Act as an internationally recognized forum for the monitoring of global soy production in terms of sustainability.
  • Mobilize diverse sectors interested in participating in the Round Table process