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We are more than 200 members around the world promoting responsible soy production

RTRS Members are stakeholders of the soy value chain. Our “Round Table” philosophy aims at enabling dialogue among different stakeholders, thus allowing each one of them to put forward the agenda they wish to discuss. Through decision-making by consensus, different interests converge into one single common purpose.

Participating Members

All the players in the soy value chain or representatives of Civil Society working on any topic related to this crop. This means that the Participating Members are divided into three different constituencies and are represented in a fair way in our governance structure: Producers; Industry, Trade & Finance, and Civil Society organizations. All of them have equal voting rights at the General Assembly.  Not only are they part of the decision-making process, but also of the road towards responsible soy.

Observing Members

All the companies or organizations not belonging to any of the three constituencies of Participating Members. Among them, regulatory authorities, government agencies, consulting and audit firms, members of the academia and donor organizations. Their role within the General Assembly does not include the right to vote, but includes having the possibility to propose and take part in the discussion towards responsible soy.