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Our initiative began in Switzerland, in 2006, and has continued growing since then

With concerns derived from the soy production system in place in the world in those days, in May 2004, the Responsible Soy Forum was initiated in London, UK. But, RTRS was still to be created. It was in November 2006, in Switzerland, that the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association gave its first steps, hand in hand with the original Organizational Committee, made up by Grupo Maggi, Cordaid, COOP, WWF, Fetrauf-Sul and Unilever. This was the beginning of a journey full of achievements and new challenges.

Four years later, we launched the first version of the RTRS Standard, after a team work and public consultation process. And, by June 2011, the first producers had already been certified in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, who did not need to wait to sell their product to Europe, proof of the success of certified soy on the marketplace.Timeline

Gradually, we continued progressing in the international arena and today we have more than 180 members from countries from around the world, including: Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, U.S., Finland, the Netherlands, France, India, China, Singapore, Norway, Paraguay, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland.

RTRS in our Founders Eyes