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The Task Forces

Working to Meet Local Needs

While every region has its own challenges, RTRS is ready for facing all the realities and give an answer to each stakeholder. Through the work of the Task Forces, we strive for guiding and monitoring the activities of our organization on a local level, thanks to the soy-chain representatives who offer their time and efforts for establishing responsible soy in its countries of origin.

Who are the Task Force Members?

As with all RTRS working groups, Task Forces are voluntary, open and democratic initiatives. Even non-member companies and organizations are invited to participate in this dialogue that gathers, in a single place, local representatives of production, industry, trade, finances and civil society.

How do they work?

The methodological framework is the adaptive management that offers a dynamic approach for adapting RTRS, in the best possible way, to different scenarios in each region. Adaptive Management is based on the following principles: goals shall be clearly defined; results shall be measured with respect to goals; goals and results shall be adjusted periodically so as to add assessments and feedback. Thus, Task Forces are continuously learning and adapting to new challenges.

Developing Synergies

The Task Force work is done not only in line with the overall RTRS goals, but also together with what has been developed by other Task Forces thus attaining synergy on a global level. Furthermore, these working groups develop recommendations to be submitted to the Executive Board for their assessment.

Facilitator and Chairman

The facilitator is the person in charge of organizing and coordinating the work of Task Forces, seeking group consensus while trying to keep a neutral and diplomatic position in all the debates. This fundamental role is performed by the regional Market Development Manager or, otherwise, by the general Market Development Manager.

The chairman is one of the TF members who, for a one-year term, represents the group with an unbiased attitude before the Executive Board and in related events, if necessary. He/she jointly and closely works with the facilitator.