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RTRS Trading Platform Solutions: The Umbrella Relation

RTRS reviews the Trading Platform to provide better usability and enhanced transparency to all RTRS members.

To increase the transparency and traceability of the processes currently in place in the RTRS Trading Platform, RTRS has developed the “Umbrella Relation” solution for the RTRS Trading Platform. This new feature introduces the option to link related companies (i.e., “Daughter account) under a primary company (i.e., the ‘Mother account); total traded volumes are displayed under the Mother account and this is the information that is made public.

How does it work?

  • An RTRS Trading Platform user (RTRS member or non-member) contacts the RTRS Secretariat and asks it to activate the Umbrella Relation option.
  • The RTRS Secretariat creates the Daughter accounts linked to the Mother account; the Mother account user will provide the information required.
  • The Mother account user will be able to manage the activities in the Daughter accounts (such as purchases and claims) and monitor transactions.
  • The Daughter account users will be given credentials to access their own accounts and monitor activities.
  • Total volumes traded are displayed under the Mother account and this is the information that is made public, unless the Mother account user determines otherwise.
  • Under the Umbrella Relation status, the Mother account user is responsible for the activities in the Daughter accounts.

On the other hand, the Umbrella Relation provides Daughter accounts with the option to publicly display credits purchased separately from the Mother account. This could be an option for organizations with many local offices (branches) operating independently under a main company and/or the same global strategy. If this is the case, the company should inform the status of the Daughter accounts (public or private) to the RTRS Secretariat.

This new solution provides better usability and enhanced transparency. It is available to all users of the RTRS Trading Platform and streamlines the current options available under the Platform.

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About GMP+

GMP+ has set new purchase conditions in the beginning of 2016, mandating all companies to purchase their RTRS credits via the RTRS Trading Platform. You can access this link to read the newsletter about this recent change.

 November 28th, 2017