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National Interpretations of Brazil and Paraguay Approved

Buenos Aires, August 2017

RTRS is pleased to inform that as of the date of this communication, the National Interpretations of Brazil and Paraguay shall enter into force. They are the local interpretations of the RTRS Standard of Production 3.1.

Based on the results of the meetings, draft documents were developed and published in the RTRS webpage at the end of December 2016 and were subject to Public Consultation for a 60-day term, expiring on February 20, 2017.

The final versions of the National Interpretations of Brazil and Paraguay were approved by the RTRS Executive Committee in August 2017.

Documents in force are available on the RTRS webpage: National Interpretation Brazil and Paraguay.

About the National Interpretation Process: Working Group Brazil and Paraguay

The process of application for and setting up of Working Groups (WG) for National Interpretations of the RTRS Production Standard v. 3.0 took place between October and November 2016. Approximately 50 individuals applied for the WG, among them, members of the three RTRS constituencies (Producers; Industry, Trade and Finance and Civil Society), as well as Observers, representatives of international organizations, consultants and implementers.

On November 18 2016, there was a meeting for discussing the National Interpretation of Brazil. The meeting took place in São Paulo and 23 individuals attended it: 10 members of the three RTRS constituencies, and 13 observing members. The WG analyzed the RTRS Responsible Production Standard; reviewed the current indicators and then developed a document including the new proposed indicators, adapted to local laws and regulations. Besides, some time was devoted to updating the list of applicable laws in Brazil. Additionally, the context of Brazilian soy production was considered for the indicators’ analysis.

Besides, on November 28, 2016, the meeting for the National Interpretations of Paraguay took place in the city of Asunción. The WG was made up of nine members of each RTRS constituency and by nine observers, among other, representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), cooperatives and multinational traders.

The work dynamics have included a period for analysis and adjustment of the RTRS Standard requirements to local laws and regulations and the Paraguayan soy production context. As a result of these discussions, a draft document was developed and posted for 60-day, from December 2016.


It is important to underscore that both working groups were formed by 100% of the applicants.

The working groups were coordinated and moderated by RTRS external consultants in Brazil and Paraguay, Cid Sanches and Enrique Molas, respectively, and supported by RTRS Technical Unit.

–Working Group Brazil

Tiago Agne-SLC Agrícola
Gisela Regina Introvini-FAPCEN
Anselmo Ferreira da Silva-Vanguarda Agro

Industry, Trade and Finance
Luiz Aldo Dinnouti-Syngenta
Thais Zylbersztajn Fontes-Rabobank
Flavia Rocha Santos-CHS

Civil Society
Oswaldo Carvalho-Earth innovation Institute
Rodrigo Spuri Tafner de Moraes-TNC
Cynthia Cominesi-Amigos da Terra

Ineivea Santana de Farias-Plexus Serviços Técnicos Especializados
Klaus Queiroz-Plexus Serviços Técnicos Especializado
Luis Filipe Sousa Dias Reis-PGP Consult
Samaycon Gonçalves da Silva-FAPCEN
Guilherme Fernandes Cauduro-Schutter do Brasil LTDA
Ismael Trevisan-Cerquality
Rafael Miranda Pereira-Amaggi
Fabiana Reguero-Amaggi
José Francisco Braccini Neto-Agrobiz Consultoria em Gestão Ltda
Ciro Eduardo Correa-CRESOL – Cooperativa de Credito Solidário
Aline Camargo Aguiar-Rabobank

–Working Group Paraguay

Gisselle Villalba Pérez-PAYCO SA
Santiago Estigarribia Martinez-Agrosoy S.A.
Lilian Martens -Cooperativa Friesland

Aldo Natalizia-Syngenta
Ana Yaluff-ADM Paraguay S.R.L.
Clever Gonzalez-Bunge Paraguay S.A.

Civil Society
Marianne Hilders-WWF
Hugo Mora-Moises Bertoni
Lorena Ramirez-Solidaridad

Richard Fast-Cooperativa Friesland
Mariano Salerno-Schutter Argentina S.A.
Hiram Canela-Control Union
Enrique Galarza-A-fines SRL – Consultora
Luiz Fernando Franco-Frutika
Amilcar Cazal Echague-PNUD
Leticia Martino-Syngenta
Mauricio Muñoz-Cetedi