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Use of Pesticides

Aiming at continuous improvement and at reviewing habitual practices in the production of responsible soy, in February 2012 we set up a Pesticide Use Working Group (PUWG). In May 2013, the terms of reference for RTRS members who wished to form part of the Working Group were published in the web. Thus, the WG was made up of stakeholders from different sectors involved in soy production and trading.




Producers John Landers APDC
João Shimada Maggi
Alex Ehrenhaus Los Grobo
Industry, Trade and Finance Claes Johansson Lantmannen
Paula Mirabella Syngenta
Guillermo Prone ACSOJA
Civil Society Organizations Cassio Franco/Cynthia Moleta Cominesi WWF
Ben Hermans Natuur en milieu
Jan Heinrich Humedales
Harry Vandervliet Solidaridad
Observers Christel Cederberg SIK
Jimena Frojan RTRS


The first meeting of the group took place in August 2012 and was coordinated by Cecilia Gabutti – a consultant associated with RTRS. Its main axis was to present an overview on the use of pesticides. Thus, the following goals were set: Presenting recommendations on the use of agrichemicals in soy production; developing a proposal for the review of the indicator related to the RTRS Standard, and recommending measures for reducing impact on the environment and on people, derived from the use of agrichemicals.

Approximately one year after the creation of this group, the modifications proposed by the group were approved by the RTRS General Assembly and finally, in June 2013, and for 60 days, such changes were subject to public consultation for relevant comments.

Finally, the RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production was modified and Version 2.0, issued.