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Mapping Argentina


Taking care of Argentinean biodiversity

Following the example of what has been done in Brazil and Paraguay, now is the turn of Argentina to join forces and create its own RTRS Maps & Guides for Responsible Soy Expansion. The Technical Working Group is already set, representing local stakeholders from the whole value chain, who will be in charge of moving this project forward in order to develop large-scale maps, according to the four categories as set up by the RTRS Standard.

Members of the National Technical Group

The Group is currently comprised of the following parties: Nidera, Frontera Oeste, Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, Fundación Proyungas, Funación Humedales, Los Grobo, Viluco, Aapresid, Unilever and Bayer, under the coordination of Sebastián Senesi, Director of Agribusiness and Food MD and Specialization of EPG, School of Agronomy (University of Buenos Aires – FAUBA).

This development is possible thanks to the contribution of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Working Modality

The work plan is made up of a series of physical meetings of the technical group and, besides, GIS (Geographic Information System) will gather the information and develop the maps. Feedback and new input from the advisory group and from the national stakeholder meeting are expected, as well as from the public consultation, crucial for reaching consensus.


1st Technical Group Meeting: April 23rd, 2015. Read More.
2nd Technical Group Meeting: July 1st, 2015. Read More.
3rd Technical Group Meeting: September 17
4th Public Consultation January 2016 / March 2016 to comment click here
National stakeholders meeting March 2016
Final draft sent to the Executive Board April 2016
Maps available in digital format May 2016