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Vrutti is a centre for sustainable livelihoods and people’s well being through knowledge, innovations and transformative action. For us, transformative actions mean “Revolutionizing people’s livelihoods and household prosperity through 5 E (entitlement, enterprise, employment, education and energy) approach”. 

LOCATION Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Mr. Pramel Gupta

PROTECTED AREAS 300 has of forest; 2000 hectares of wetland

Reasons for Certifying

RTRS Certification gives the farmers an additional advantage over other farmers to generate more revenue and at the same time it encourages them to follow the standards to get better production.

Also, as a long term goal we want that government should adopt it in form of a policy and improved agriculture extension services should be made accountable for responsible production.

RTRS Experience

The initial farmer mobilization was done in a campaign mode in which we created awareness through different media. Also, since this was a group certification, an Internal Control System(ICS) was established which consisted of an ICS manager and other members who were responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all farmers follow the standards.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The major benefit is that it fulfills our agenda to work on sustainability and transform pathways, and as a part of our engagement through ‘Market-led Farmers Supply Chain’, it helps keep farmer’s farms and their families healthy. It also helps us in enabling dialogue among different stakeholders, thereby allowing decision making by consensus, but converging different interest into one single common purpose at the same time.

The principles and practices are also applicable to other crops as well. Also, with the help of it we want to make some policy intervention which should consist of promoting agriculture extension services and capacity building services. Apart from this, RTRS Certification is very much necessary to capture the foreign market. It has shown us a path following which the farmers can continue following all standards and other practices with financial sustainability.

Other Relevant Information

RTRS Certification has also allowed us to link with industries. We are trying to establish industry linkages for RTRS area expansion. Along with it we are also trying to understand the physical RTRS Certified Soy supply chain by linking with industries so as to get better returns for our farmers.