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Grupo Lucci is a business group devoted to growing lemon trees and their derivatives, soy production and crushing, cattle raising, sugar cane and agribusiness-related activities. Within this group, Viluco S.A develops agricultural and industrial activities. The company exploits 26 productive fields located throughout Northwest Argentina and since 2010 it has had the only soy crushing and Biodiesel production plant in the region, equipped with the most advanced technology in the world.


LOCATION Km 7, Ruta 302, Cevil Pozo, Tucumán, Argentina
TONNES 51,302.10

Ramiro Aznar


Why Certify

We have decided to obtain certified soy to provide consumers with greater security and reliability by ensuring product traceability from primary production to industrialization since we consider that the RTRS Standard is the one that best satisfies our demands in terms of quality and productive sustainability.

RTRS Experience

Viluco S.A first certified under the RTRS standard during the 2010-11 season and in 2012 it signed an agreement with a Dutch company, IDH, through Solidaridad for two years in order to help small and medium-sized producers certify under the RTRS Standard.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The certification process has significantly contributed to our company and management system, allowing for a greater organization as regards personnel and institution, proper control and follow-up of all the tasks carried out in the production system, and has also improved the company image by recognising itself as a promoter of Good Agricultural Practices and sustainable/responsible production of extensive crops in our country.

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