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The DeLong Co., Inc is a family owned and operated agricultural supply business located in Wisconsin, USA. We have multiple agronomic locations and multiple grain elevators that we work directly with producers providing them with inputs and purchasing their grain and soybeans. In addition DeLong cleans and supplies Food Grade soybeans both domestically and internationally. DeLong is also responsible for a group of 8 producers.

LOCATION Clinton, Wisconsin 53525, USA
TONNES 10,161

Bo DeLong

PROTECTED AREAS Wetlands, Environmental sensitive areas

Reasons for Certifying

DeLong has been producing Food Grade soybeans for over 25 years. One of our largest customers asked if we could offer RTRS soybeans so we proceeded to work with our farmer producers to accomplish being certified.

RTRS Experience

In early 2013 we began working with our agronomy group and 8 producers that were interested in producing sustainable soybeans. After 6 months of meeting RTRS criteria we were able to become RTRS compliant and offer RTRS soybeans to our customers.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

First and foremost, the good feeling of growing soybeans in a sustainable way. In doing so we are able to offer our producers another market opportunity that is better for everyone.

Other Relevant Information

DeLong is able to offer sustainable (RTRS) soybeans or their credits.