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Founded in 1977 by Grupo SLC, SLC Agricola is a producer of agricultural commodities, focused on the production of cotton, soy and maize. It was the first business in the industry to go public on a global level, thus becoming a reference in its segment. It has 16 production units strategically located in 6 Brazilian states.


LOCATION Bahia, Maranhão, Piauí, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul e Goiás.
HECTARES 141.740,65
TONNES 439.246,00

Filipe Mamede
+55 51 3230.7847.

PROTECTED AREAS 49.830,95 ha

Reasons for Certifying

With the RTRS seal we can assure our most demanding consumers that our soy production is in line with the best environmental, social and economic practices, based on international soy production principles and criteria.

RTRS Experience

Key factors for attaining certification were raising awareness in our units, investing in infrastructure adjustments and adopting new tools for the management of legal requirements.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The direct gain is structuring the efficient management of social and environmental aspects and developing routines for the adoption of best practices for soy production. The RTRS standard offers continuous improvement through definition of goals and indicators towards sustainable production.

Other relevant information

Markets for certified products have considerably increased in all the sectors and concerns with the environment have driven countries, mainly European countries, to demand for better management practices of the social and environmental impact on our operations. As it happens with any new certification, there is a time period for markets and society to mature and to come to acknowledge the importance of a standard represented by a certificate or a seal. RTRS is looking for such space and SLC Agricola believes in this standard as a management tool for responsible soy production.