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Sinograin Northern Agriculture Development Company Ltd

(Español) Sinograin Northern Agriculture Development Company Ltd (Sinograin), located in Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province, Management of 8 soy unit farm production and 1 forest farm in the provinces of Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia of China near 50,000ha, average over 55,000 tons soy per year.

LOCATION No. 56, Nenxing Road, Nenjiang County, Provincia de Heilongjiang, China República Popular de China.
TONNES 63.000

Han Zhan or Chen Jingyu


Why Certify?
RTRS is system standard included local reasonable law, relationship of community, labor conditions, environmental responsibility and good agricultural practice, focusing on human beings, society, and environment, promoting sustainable and harmonious development of agricultural economy.

The RTRS Experience
1. To understand the meaning of RTRS principles;
2. To make a master plan and an action plan, including who, when, how, what, and where to do;
3. To draft some paper documents including system documents, guidance and advocacy documents, and record file.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification
1. To make better the ability of solve problems and management in certification;
2. To enhance the value of products and then to improve the brand values and promote sales;
3. To Play the establishment of more customers.