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Servicios y Negocios S.A.

Servicios y Negocios is a +20-year business in the Agriculture industry developing its fields in the Argentine North-West region, mainly in Tucumán and Santiago del Estero. It focuses its activities on soy and maize-growing.

LOCATION San Miguel de Tucumán – Tucumán - Argentina

Leonardo Javier García


Reasons for Certifying

We learnt about RTRS through Viluco S.A., that invited us to join their project, together with a group of producers in the area. 2012/2013 was the first crop year in which we certified.

RTRS Experience

It was a very good experience as it helped us to adjust and make our fields more efficient. Among the obstacles we met, there was awareness-raising among contractors who carry out tasks such as sowing, spraying and harvesting in compliance with the rules in force. Nevertheless, this was easily overcome.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The manner of producing did not change as sustainability in our productive system has traditionally been a concern for us. What was indeed an improvement was our knowledge of standards, rules, etc. This enabled us to exceed and to successfully implement the social, labor and environmental activities we had already been undertaking. As to the financial aspect, we had to make a huge investment for infrastructure enhancement, especially in the storage area. Today, the benefits we get through the credits are an important source of assistance. We hope that, in the short run, businesses in our area are able to purchase our production so that we may improve our revenue.

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