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Samarth Kisan Producer Company was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 on 11th July 2006 with the support of District Poverty Initiative Project of Govt. of M.P. The company is working in 3 Tehsils namely Agar, Barod, and Susner covering around 174 villages and more than 10,000 farmers. This group comprises of small & marginal farmers with average land holding of 1.5 ha.

LOCATION Agar-Malwa Madhya Pradesh India.
HECTARES 6,301.273
TONNES 8,0992.70mt

Ram singh Thakur
+91 9826372427


Reasons for Certifying

Within the Soy Producer Support Initiative (SOYPSI) and FSP of the Solidaridad, Samarth Kisan Producer Company Ltd. has been working as the implementing partner in of Shajapur and Agar Malwa área for promotion or RTRS standard and motivate producer to adapt sustainable practices in farming activities.

RTRS Experience

it is very well experienced that by adaptation of good agriculture practices farmers have realized yield increment along with improved awareness on social and environmental issue.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

Farmers gained incremental knowledge about improved package of practices apart from socioeconomic benefits like saving habit developed in the group and using that savings for bulk purchase of inputs, not using child labour, gender equality and equal wages for equal work is ensured.The producers registered with the program got higher yield as compared to other farmers and also to the district average. The lead farmers whose plots were demonstration were set up registered even more yield. The main outcome of the program is increased production of soybean and its better value through increased product quality.

Other Relevant Information

Samarth Kisan Producer Company Ltd is mainly into the production of certified seed, inputs supplement & soy production. Company produces seeds of soybean& wheat. Samarth Kisan Producer Company is supported by State government of Madhya Pradesh for rural development &  upliftment of farmers. Company provides technical guidance & certified seeds to the farmers. Farmers are provided with the information on good agriculture practises, new agriculture machineries & support to get Government subsidies. The annual turnover of the Samarth Kisan Producer Company Ltd is 1.89 Cr.