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Indian Grameen Services – BASIX is a non for profit company, working in Agri and allied sector in 7 countries other than India. IGS-Dewas is a highly qualified team of professionals, who work with around 1500 small and marginal Soybean farmers. Our efforts have had a major impact on the farmers community and has also resulted in an overall increase of 20% in their incomes.

LOCATION Ujjain and Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India

Apoorva Singh

PROTECTED AREAS Florestas, rios, várzeas

Why Certify

Certification is an incentive or an added advantage under this program.

It helps us monitor our activities through external control mechanisms, ensures proper documentation and also provides an added advantage of generating funds for the programme through trade of credits. It should be promoted in the big way.

RTRS Experience

The major outcome as a result of RTRS is

  1. Proper line sowing, seed treatment and proper seed rate.
  2. No use of Child labour
  3. Drastic reduction in use of chemical fertilizers/pesticides and increased use of bio fertilizers
  4. Increased awareness about crop health and human health

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The RTRS process helps in attracting more and more farmers through its certification scheme and because of better returns from industrial tie – ups.  The overall acceptability of our ICS locally has increased over a period of time as the farmers see merit in the RTRS principles. This programme has helped us establish RTRS Soy procurement centres and forward linkages with the industry partners who are now also willing to contribute for RTRS farmers crop production technologies. In all the scheme has provided an end to end service to the farmers

Other relevant information

The sucess of the programme is only visible after rigorous work with them over a period of time. We have seen visible changes in farmers of Ujjain and Dewas where this programme has been in place for last four-five years and thus a suitable time frame needs to be designed in all the places where the programme is running to notice visible changes as expected under the RTRS programme.