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Together with RTRS, FAPCEN, Foundation for the Support to Research for the Northern Exports Corridor of  “Irineu Alcides Bays”, set up by rural entrepreneurs as a non-profit organization with the purpose to transfer and adapt new technologies and information towards sustainability in the Regions that make up the States of  MA-TO-PI (Maranhão – Piauí & Tocantins), certified the first property in the State of  Maranhão: Fazenda São José.

LOCATION Maranhão state, Brazil
TONNES 13,804


Why Certify

Certification has become an ally of sustainable soy production; an important tool for producers to turn their properties into environmentally appropriate facilities according to all the practices required for responsible development and progress.

RTRS Experience

The satisfaction of seeing a property in compliance with international production standards, in a region that used to be considered as dry and unproductive, and which today produces responsible soy and even makes profit from credits sold in the RTRS platform, setting an example for other producers to also join this project that has been growing more and more strong and impressive.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

Fazenda São José has an area of 6,000 hectares of certified soy. With the implementation of the RTRS Certification Project, it changed the way of managing  farms by introducing beneficial changes in their structure as well as in the forms of production, by training delivered to employees and by the guidance supplied on the production system and product storage practices. Credits are developed from certified volumes, a further incentive for continuous improvement of  properties.

Other relevant information

For Fapcen, it was a unique experience working with large partners such as Solidaridad and IDH, that made this project a success. Team work has made this project more significant; certification tasks enriched the concept of sustainable project and of how to successfully manage an environmentally appropriate production. We daresay that in the short term we will advance into certifying small and large properties throughout the Northeast region of Brazil.