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El Hinojo SA

El Hinojo SA is a family business which has been devoted to agriculture in its own and rented fields for more than 30 years. El Hinojo SA is currently working an area of 1,000 hectares of its own and around  7,000 rented hectares, including a wide range of crops, such as wheat, barley, rape, peas, chickpeas, soybean and corn. At the moment it has a pork production farm with 270 sows and they hope to double the facilities in the short term. 

LOCATION Victoria y Nogoyá – Entre Ríos – Argentina
TONNES 1.560

Dolores Cerini


Why Certify

On 2 August 2012 El Hinojo SA became the first company in Entre Ríos and the tenth in the country to obtain the AAPRESID (Asociación Argentina de Productores de Siembra Directa) Certified Agriculture (AC) seal. The following year the company took a further step in its commitment to sustainability by certifying its production against a double standard: AC + RTRS, within the AC R8 programme promoted by AAPRESID.

RTRS Experience

El Hinojo does not work with specific quality protocols, but crop, field information and administration management had already been recorded. This good beginning became a platform to make processes easier to implement.

Despite such a good starting point, the certification process implied a great effort for all the staff involved, both in production and management and administration areas, especially because it was a small company lacking a large structure.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

It is impossible to determine a direct benefit of a quality certification process as it is also impossible to list its indirect advantages. In this sense, it may be pointed out that having a way of proving that production is sustainable brings about an added value to the grains produced by El Hinojo SA and involves complying with the first step of the company’s main project, i.e. producing certified quality food with a sustainable origin.

Other relevant information

Download the El Hinojo Brochure.