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Don Osvaldo S.A.

Agricultural and livestock company, well-established across five generations and recognised for its family culture, professional commitment, transparency and openness. 

LOCATION Rosario- Pcia. Sta. Fe
TONNES 8-8,5 Aprox.

Hugo Ghio


Why Certify

We learnt about the RTRS through AAPRESID. Being innovative and pioneers is part of our DNA. We understand it is not enough to say that we get things right; we believe that must be said by somebody else and record of it must be kept. Certification was obtained during the 2013/14 farming season.

RTRS Experience

The experience was good and as regards obstacles, the main one is to record everything that is done.  Obstacles are overcome by working as a team and betting on each participant’s continuous improvement.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The way to produce soy has not changed. The main benefit is to be able to show the right person that we produce in a sustainable way.  Regarding the use of agrochemicals, the most environmentally friendly ones are used. Aspects such as staff applying them, minimum distances from critical areas according to toxicological band, habit of using personal protective equipment and safe working practices have been significantly improved.

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