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Estancia Caldenes is a mixed farm in the North West of the Province of Buenos Aires. On this farm, LIVESTOCK REARING AND AGRICULTURE activities are developed. As to agriculture, CALDENES S.A is diversifies its activities by producing the main crops in the country: soy, wheat, corn, barley, sorghum, etc., working with precision agriculture and under Quality Assurance System and Certified Agriculture, thus obtaining the best yields, protecting the soils, the workforce and the community.

LOCATION Cañada Seca, Santa Fe, Argentina
HECTARES 8500-9000
TONNES 45000

Ing. Agr. Jorge Alfaro
Tel.: 03382-427-508 / 494-157



Reasons for Certifying

Because it is the means of showing, both internally and to society, through certification of a third party, that the productive system used by the business is sustainable.

It is an encouraging tool and it leverages continuous improvement of aspects that are not only productive, but also social and environmental.

RTRS Experience

When applying for RTRS certification, CALDENES already had the SGC- Agricultura Certificada v1, so its implementation was much easier as it had already got all the necessary information organized and sorted out, a necessary supplement for delving into social and environmental aspects.

These certification schemes are the tools we use for improving the Present, but with a focus on the future.


Benefits of the RTRS Certification

–       Better organization of information and communication among company members.

–       Leveraging on and expanding training for business own workforce as well as outsourced employees.

–       Higher risk prevention and work safety, resulting in a lower number of accidents.

–       Deepening networking and communications with the local community.

–       Marginal Net Income derived from credit sales

Other Relevant Information