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Bailleres Comercial S.A. is a family business founded by Andrés Bailleres, who has been devoted to agriculture since 1983. It currently has 27,700 ha used for farming and livestock and part of its production becomes Beef and Chicken.

LOCATION San Jorge, Santa Fe, Argentina
TONNES 9.877

Av Falucho 360 (CP2452) Ciudad de San Jorge, Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina
Tel +54 03406 443700



Why Certify

We learnt about the RTRS because we are a member of Aapresid and when we implemented the AC Certification system we were offered the double certification, so we applied for the RTRS Certification.

RTRS Experience

Having obtained the certification was very good for us. The difficulties that came up were easily overcome thanks to our decision and motivation to carry out the certification.

Our incentive is to be always at the forefront of agriculture and we are moving in the same direction.


Benefits of the RTRS Certification

Bailleres Comercial S.A., as an agricultural company, has taken the quality certification  of their production process as their fundamental principle. To that end, they are based on the Certified Agriculture protocol and the RTRS Standard, always aiming at environmental conservation, agronomically and economically sustainable production with social responsibility, and the well-being of their employees, families and all the people with whom they interact.

Since the implementation of quality standards, we have improved processes through recommendations coming from the bottom of the Organization Chart, which has allowed us to introduce changes based on the opinions of workers, the ones who  ultimately do the job.

We believe this unquantifiable improvement is the best answer to the implementation of the certifications.

Other relevant information


Bailleres Comercial is a family business founded by Andrés J. Bailleres and his eldest children. They started working as farmers in 1983, producing in small plots in the province of Santa Fe.

With the vocation of those who do what they love and the energy of youth as an asset, they started a process of regional expansion. Absorbing every technological change, every development of inputs or tillage systems has empowered this distinguished business.

A pioneer in advanced agriculture, the company is certified under AAPRESID’s AC quality system and the RTRS Standard.

Its main production of Soy, Corn and Wheat is carried out in 4 of Argentina’s most productive provinces. The steadily growing production potential is made up of their own, rented and/or capitalised areas.

Vertically and horizontally integrated into the chain, it provides its production with added value, turning it into beef or chicken, refined soybean oil for human consumption, wheat flour for bakeries, balanced feed, and other by-products.

The firm’s over 30-year performance has laid the foundations of a company committed to its social environment at every production site. Responsibility, seriousness and coherence over the course of time are BCSA principles.

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