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Arvind – Agribusiness was established in 2007 to promote a vibrant rural economy driven by the sustainable growth of agriculture. It believes in encouraging a transition from conventional cultivation to a sustainable farming system by extending support and coordinating the dissemination of knowledge in a socially fair manner, which promotes rural economy and creates a healthy ecosystem. Arvind-Agri is part of US$ 1.3 billion Arvind Group (Ahmedabad, India, since 1931)

LOCATION Akola, Maharashtra, India
TONNES 21290

Mr. Mahesh Ramkrishnan


Reasons for Certifying

As part of its backward integration for sustainable cotton sourcing, Arvind adopted a contract based farming model with small and marginal farmers at Akola, Maharashtra for its textile requirements. Organic and other sustainable practices were adopted here as the panacea to the declining yields and rising costs of intensive farming techniques in this region that has been battered by multiple droughts.  As part of its strategy to encourage sustainable agricultural practices it promoted rotational crops such as soybean among its member farmers. RTRS provided the necessary framework and benchmarks to crosscheck our sustainable agricultural practices that include legal, environmental, ethical and social fronts. RTRS has given an international platform for farmers who have decided to grow ‘responsible soy’ to meet the buyers who wanted to procure the same.

RTRS Experience

Through ICS (Internal Control System) that was already in place as part of our organic initiative, we could easily monitor our farmers in their adherence to the RTRS Standard. Awareness campaigns against child-labour and training for farmers and workers on their rights and duties are conducted by ICS. A lot of campaigns are also conducted to maintain native vegetation. As part of this

ICM (Integrated Crop Management) is defined and implemented by ICS. Complaint & grievances registers are kept at ICS office and complaint procedures are defined in ICS manual as part of complaint-redressal mechanism.


Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The impact has been fourfold:

  • Production: The soybean produced in the farms of our member farmers is found to have 0.5% higher protein than the area average. Significant increase in yield is also found over the period.
  • Environmental: Our training and demonstration programmes in integrated pest and disease management has a profound impact in maintaining ecological balance
  • Social: The 4,820 RTRS certified farmers are united into self-help groups which conducts regular meetings and acts as a knowledge sharing platform, transforming social barriers
  • Financial: Reduced input cost has resulted in increased margin for the farmers

Other Relevant Information

Arvind Agribusiness is also a major exporter of organic soy to Europe and North-America and also deals in organic pulses, organic cotton and BCI. It has its NOP/NPOP certified cleaning and sorting centre at Akola, Maharashtra. To know more about us kindly visit our website