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Aliança da Terra is an institution that was born in the countryside and works with rural producers committed to the Producing Right concept. It fosters a productive rural environment linked to social responsibility and the adequate management of natural resources. Its main project or Registry of Social-Environmental Responsibility (CCS, by its acronym in Portuguese).

TONNES 24.092

Aline Maldonado Locks
Gerente Geral

PROTECTED AREAS Cerrado – 14.076 ha

Reasons for Certifying

The CCS was created to identify, recognise and reward responsible producers, especially those who implement good land management and administration practices. The CCS highlights economically viable production practices and meets adequate social-environmental rules. Apart from ensuring such recognition to producers, the RTRS certification allows them to access better markets.

RTRS Experience

The search for the RTRS Certification was carried out with Solidaridad Foundation support. The farms under the CCS were selected and prepared by the Aliança da Terra team through field visits, Social Environmental Diagnosis, assessment of RTRS criteria and development of corrective action plans. After such process, properties were ready to receive the certification.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

The RTRS certification has allowed properties to implement proper management of natural resources, awareness related to environmental and labour legislation and adoption of sustainable practices. New practices have been developed. Producers are committed to continuously improving their properties.

Other Relevant Information

The properties that obtained group certification and whose managing institution is Aliança da Terra are:

Fazenda Água Clara (Niquelândia/GO), Fazenda Goiás Verde (Cristalina/GO), Fazenda Onça (Luziânia/GO), Fazenda Santo Antônio do Mato Alto (Alto Paraíso de Goiás/GO), Fazenda Village (Cristalina/GO) and Fazenda Itapeti (Paranoá/DF).