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Agrosoy S.A

From the very beginning, the Agrosoy S.A. group has undertaken a commitment based on the triple bottom line (Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects) and has worked for the sustainable development of the company and the society. As an organization, we aim to design and apply practices for developing a competitive and sustainable agriculture, taking into account 3 key elements. The company has been operating since 18th March 2011.

LOCATION Santa Teresa, Caaguazu, Paraguay
TONNES 15.150

Leonir Predebon
Santiago Estigarribia


Why Certify

The objective of the decision to certify was to produce quality differentiated products as today the world needs producers concerned about the environment, officials and the planet. We learnt about the RTRS through one of our clients, Fargo Export.  We certified our production in January 2015.

RTRS Experience

It was a challenging experience and, at the same time, it was easy for the company since from the very beginning Agrosoy S.A. has been trying to raise awareness of the importance of doing the job in the best possible way, thinking about the people involved.

Benefits of the RTRS Certification

Impact was very positive because all the people involved already knew about our work philosophy and certification emerged from there. Then, the certification resulted in credits, which became participation certificates for all the officers.

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