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Agro Uranga

A family business funded 150 years ago and devoted to agriculture, industrialization and exports of grains.

A brief institutional introduction (who you are; what do you do, how do you do it – including Best Agricultural Practices).

LOCATION Uranga, Santa Fe, Argentina
TONNES 12130

Roberto Samaría



–Why certifying?

 According to our Quality Policy and our Vision, the business wished to apply for the responsible soy production  certification. This was in order to show the world how we work and and for implementing continuous improvement.

The RTRS experience

Prior to the audit, we spent several months, on many occasions working according to traditional methods and on areas unknown to us, which was difficult, but very beneficial. After the audit, we were more aware and this helped us see our weakness areas. Now, we need to follow the continuous improvement routine.

Benefits of having the RTRS certification

-An economic benefit brought about by the sale of credits, beneficial for investment and for the maintenance of the system.

-Zoning practices and progress regarding safety measures in the different agricultural and livestock rearing tasks.

-A better control and analysis of the environment impact of our production.

-A better interaction with the local community.