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AGREX do Brasil wishes to strengthen its position as a company concerned with SUSTAINABILITY. Our activities in Brazil’s agribusiness are increasingly consolidating. We are strongly consolidated in the production chain of one of the industries that accounts for 32% of Brazil’s GDP. We produce food and we are concerned with the future. And we do not only produce, but also drive production by helping our customers. 

LOCATION Maranhão, Tocantins & Goiás
TONNES 66.178

Ismael Carlos Trevisan
99 – 3542-5434/ 99 - 991855743

PROTECTED AREAS 35.277 ha, preserved Cerrado.

Why Certify

By certifying and by negotiating credits, the purpose of the Company is benefitting through the promotion of internal management improvements, with a focus on increasing management efficiency and soil protection, better water management, employee motivation and on strengthening community relations.A consequence will be further economic benefits, derived from efficacy in the production system tasks and in the use of pesticides.

RTRS Experience

As we began to work towards obtaining RTRS certification, we knew that our technical team and our shareholders, and even our workforce, would be required to engage in an evident shift in culture, because, in order to certify, law compliance is not enough, but also having a standard that is above the law.We attained this goal and we are now reaping what we have sown.


Benefits of the RTRS Certification

We understand that all the internal benefits will be echoed externally as being certified will improve the image of our Company, making it easy to get bank loans and helping our business to comply with international standards and, consequently, having a better chance of engaging in new markets.This status of certified business in the soy production area is reflected in our customers as we are suppliers of input and our major business is exchanging input products for soy, and we already have some customers that have expressed their wish to certify too.

Other relevant information

We also give technical assistance to such producers as we want them to produce well and to remain in the industry.Besides production, we also have all the support in terms of logistics, for moving production down the existing corridors, such as highways, railways and waterways, so as to get to our end consumers, be it local or foreign.Agrex produces in 73,600 hectares such crops as  Soy (soybean and seeds), Corn (summer and second sowing date) and Rice.We currently produce in the states of Maranhão, Piauí and Tocantins, also known as the MAPITO Region, as well as in Goiás.In this harvest we have also began conversion of degraded pastures in grain production areas in the state of Tocantins.This practice helps to optimize the use of areas already converted for pasture purposes in the 1980’s in the Cerrado region, where the current support capacity for pastures is at risk.In this first year, we have operated in 3,410 hectares under this condition, and in the coming years, we must convert 20,000 additional hectares already under contract.


As members of FTB – Brazil Task Force – we are striving to meet the goals set by some European countries regarding fair trade, as this is one of RTRS principles:Fair Trade.We are focused on expanding certified areas and this goal will certainly be met after approval of HCVA Maps