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PrintSince July 1th 2014, Milieukeur pork producers have moved to only using responsibly produced RTRS Soy for the compound feed for their pigs, by means of buying RTRS Credits. Three Dutch social and environmental organizations -Solidaridad, WWF and Natuur & Milieu- all member of RTRS, have welcomed this initiative.

In this way, the more than 150 farmers for the pork producers Groothedde, Van Rooi Meat and Vion Milieukeur, who produce Milieukeur pork have anticipated the Dutch pork sector’s intention to only market pork in the Netherlands that is based on 100% responsible soy by 2015. It is also important to highlight that this production has already got a destination. Milieukeur pork is sold at Jumbo supermarkets, the second largest retailer in The Netherlands, which recently joined RTRS.


Large quantity of soy needed for pig feed

A lot of soy is used in the production of pork. For every kilo of pork sold at butchers or supermarkets, more than 400 grams of soy is used in the pig feed. In 2011, the Dutch pig industry, social and environmental organizations, supermarkets and the feed industry agreed to use only responsible produced soy in animal feed by 2015. The Milieukeur pork producers are now running ahead of this Dutch national agreement by buying sustainable soy through RTRS Credits.


About Milieukeur

The Dutch environmental quality label has a broad approach towards sustainable production of products and services. The certification schemes of Milieukeur relate to the whole life cycle of the product or service, and address important sustainability themes. Milieukeur has criteria for products, varying from non-food such as fire extinguishers, to food such as fruit, vegetables, pork and eggs.

Specific themes Milieukeur agro/food:

  • Animal feeds
  • Animal welfare
  • Biodiversity
  • Crop protection
  • Minerals/fertilisers
  • Nature and countryside

The criteria for Milieukeur are established by a set of procedures under the responsibility of the Panels of Experts for agro/food. Producer organizations, the retail trade, government, scientists, ecologists and consumer groups are represented on the Panels.

As of July 2014 there are 725 businesses with a Milieukeur product certificate. It’s not just Dutch businesses that have their products certified. Production according to the Milieukeur requirements also takes place in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

Learn more about Milieukeur Pork’sFactsheet here.