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COOP Denmark A/S

Industry, Trade & Finance

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark and as a consumer cooperative owned by its 1.7 million members. It operates the retail chains Irma, SuperBrugsen, Dagli´Brugsen, Kvickly and Fakta and has more than 5 million unique consumers pr. week. It is or ambition to become Denmark´s most responsible retailer through strategic work to improve the sustainability of our products, balancing our environmental footprint, being a responsible workplace and partipating in the public debate on issues relevant to consumers.

Our meat, poultry, and dairy products indirectly contain soy through animal feed. We wish to take responsability for the impact or our sourcing on soy production and related challenges by acquiring credits, but we also wish to engage in dialogue with our suppliers in order to develop sustainable solutions to the problem of deforestation, alternative crops and social impact.

We are continuously working with sustainability, by increasing our organic sales, developing sustainable private labels, promoting 3. part certification schemes such as FSC, MSC, Eco-labels and participation in relevant partnerships.

We are also actively accounting for our use of palm oil, by aquiring credits through Greenpalm. Our work with palm oil and soy is part of our environmental policy, our strategic ambition to be a responsible retailer and our aim of providing our consumers with inspiring and sustainable choices.

Historical Reports
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2017 Coop Denmark A/S Report