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The 2019 RTRS Awards went to Unilever, Lidl and FAPCEN

Unilever received a special recognition as the Major Buyer of RTRS Certified Material 2018

The Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) has recognized leading contributions to sustainable soy practices by announcing the winners of the first RTRS Awards at the RTRS annual conference, RT14.

Lidl won the award for being a driver of sustainable soy value chains. By its side the Brazilian Research Foundation FAPCEN received two awards for its contribution to sustainable partnerships and for leading-edge soy production management.

“We have been overwhelmed by the caliber of the entries of high profile consumer brands keen to engage and show their commitment to a sustainable soy future” said Marcelo Visconti, Executive Director of RTRS.

Lidl was rewarded as an organization that drives and develops more sustainable supply chains, identifying the type of supply chain involved, executing projects that encompass different stakeholders of the soy value chain and promoting the production and trade of RTRS-certified material (credits and/or physical soy). On this side, Fapcen was recognized as an organization that drives and leads collaboration among the different players in the soy value chain (producers, buyers or enablers), considering transformations in the sector and engagement with the different stakeholders involved and that contributes with actions or projects that cause concrete economic, environmental and/or social impacts on the ground and reflect the transformation caused by the soybean production processes (at the production or processing level) as a result of implementing sustainable agricultural practices.

“The organizations candidates of this edition, Amaggi, Bayer, Fapcen, Lidl, Mars and Tesco with their initiatives and efforts directly helps shape sustainable soy production meaning causing transformation on the ground at social and environmental level”, said Marcelo.

To mark the inaugural awards ceremony, RTRS also recognised one of its leading frontrunner organisations. Unilever, a member company that has been positioning itself as one of the main buyers of RTRS material since 2016, was given special recognition as the Major Buyer of RTRS Certified Material 2019.

The award was accepted by Unilever’s Global Director of Sustainable Sourcing, Jan Kees Vis, who said:

“Unilever has come a long way with RTRS since we co-founded the organization. We’re very proud to be recognized with this award, which shows our firm commitment and support towards responsible production of soy”.

Last year Unilever purchased 252K RTRS certified material, 237k RTRS credits and 15k tons of RTRS mass balance soybean oil.

Unilever is a steadfast supporter of the RTRS Principles & Criteria. Since 2015, they have been one of the supporters of the Produzindo Certo (Producing Right) initiative, implemented in Brazil alongside Aliança da Terra, Bayer, Santander and Yara Fertilizers and which aims to boost sustainable soy farming by helping growers improve their agricultural and farm management practices. So far, more than 40 farmers have received RTRS certification.

“RTRS celebrates the leading Unilever’s vision towards sustainability, being recognized with this special award” said Marcelo Visconti.

“Many actors of the soy value chain are doing relevant and concrete things, becoming the frontrunners. We had many on the stage today and we hope it will inspire more stakeholders in the soy supply chain to replicate this concrete example of making sustainable soy production a reality at scale”, remarked Marcelo.

About the 2019 RTRS Awards nomination process

As per the 2019 RTRS Awards Terms&Conditions rules any organization or individual over the age of 18 was entitled to nominate candidates to participate in the contest. Any RTRS Member, RTRS certified producer or any organization or individual over the age of 18 that purchase RTRS certified material (physical or credits) may be nominated to win an award within the contest. It was not required to be an RTRS Member in order to be entitled to nominate candidates or to be a candidate for an award.

  • A call for nominations was published on the RTRS website and sent by email marketing campaign to RTRS stakeholders and members.
  • Nominations were submitted to the RTRS Secretariat.
  • The RTRS Secretariat contacted each of the nominees to inform them about the nomination received, asked for a formal acceptance of the candidacy, and to request the information and documentation required for the relevant category/ies in order to participate of the contest.
  • The 2019 RTRS Awards were presented during RTRS Annual Conference RT14 where present attendants voted in real time.

2020 is comming;  which will be your candidate for the 2020 RTRS Awards?