Augmentin E Aerosol

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Round Table on Responsible Soy Association

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#1 Antibiotics - Augmentin E Aerosol (Amoxicillin), 1 000 Mg Augmentin Dosage Print E-mail

The RTRS has built a framework that enables the world to verifiably produce and source certified responsible soy. The framework includes:
- The RTRS Production Standard: principles, criteria and practical requirements, which ban the conversion of areas with high conservation value to agricultural land, promote the best management practices, ensure fair working conditions, and respect land tenure claims.
- Certification Standards, to make sure that third-party auditors will certify soy producers who adhere to the RTRS standard, in a transparent and standardized way.
- Chain-of-Custody Standards, to make sure that claims about products containing responsible soy in the market place can be verified.
- A Certificate Trading Platform, to enable any soy grower to participate even if they do not have access to fully separated responsible soy supply chains.
- A Code of Conduct that all members of the RTRS have to subscribe to.
- A Grievance Procedure to enable impartial, fair and transparent review of alleged breaches of the RTRS Production Standard or Code of Conduct by RTRS members.

Following the building of this framework, the first stages of its real-world implementation have recently been achieved.
- Independent, third-party auditors issued the world’s first certificate for responsibly produced soy in May 2011.
- In June 2011, the first 85,000 tonnes (metric tons) of responsible soy were purchased by industrial users.



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