Does Neurontin Treat Withdrawal From Pain Med.

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Round Table on Responsible Soy Association

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The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is not the only way to mitigate negative side-effects of expanding soy production, nor does it replace other ways. But yes, it has the potential to be a significant part of the solution, if only because it enables the market to contribute.
As a multi-stakeholder initiative, the RTRS puts the responsibility for mitigating negative effects of growing demand for vegetable oils and proteins on the right shoulders: those of society as a whole. It rewards producers and users of soy for responsible business practices by building and maintaining a credible and reliable certification system; it enables consumers to make a difference by purchasing certified products; and it sets the stage for a viable and growing market for responsible soy as opposed to non-responsible soy.
When most actors in the soy value chain will have embraced the RTRS, the soy sector as a whole will shift towards production methods that are friendly for people and for the planet.
Among the key success factors:
- RTRS uses a multi‐stakeholder approach, which brings transparency, credibility, accountability and wide recognition;
- Responsible soy is not a distant option but a reality: it can be purchased on the market today;
- RTRS’s efforts span all world regions and countries;
- RTRS’s efforts cover all types of use: feed, food, industrial derivatives and biofuels.



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