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National Interpretation of Argentina approved

RTRS is pleased to inform that as of the date of this communication, the National Interpretations of Argentina shall enter into force. They are the local interpretations of the RTRS Standard of Production 3.1.

Based on the results of the meetings, draft documents were developed and published in the RTRS webpage at october and were subject to Public Consultation for a 60-day term, expiring on December 9th, 2017.

The final versions of the National Interpretations of Argentina were approved by the RTRS Executive Committee in December 2017.

Documents in force are available on the RTRS here

About the National Interpretation Process.

Being an international organisation, RTRS acknowledges the different realities, geographies, regulations and production systems around the world. Within this framework, a national multistakeholder technical group was set up, formed by representatives from the three RTRS constituencies: Producers; Industry, Trade and Finance; and Civil Society. The group also included observers, researchers and members of the academia, law experts and government representatives. The WG was formed by 100% of the applicants and was coordinated and moderated by the RTRS Executive Secretariat.

In March and May 2017, two in-person working days took place in the City of Buenos Aires, with more than 20 participants on each day.

Working Group Members in Argentina

Anderson Cuellar Anturi

Tomas Mata

Alejandro O´Donell

Alejandro Frías Ayerza

Mariela Montoya

Edmundo Perkins

María Jimena Avila

Enrique M. Bayá Casal S.A



Caldenes S.A.


Espartina S.A.

Delfino Llobet SRL

Patricio Watson

Verónica Weber

Federico Martín Elorza


Nidera S.A.


Civil Society
Hernán de Arriba Zerpa Fundación Proyungas
Cecilia Piermatei

Julieta Viglioni

Gustavo Montero

Clara Lissarrague

Tomas Pueta

Gonzalo Viale

Susana Ester Ramonda

Paula Gonzales

Julio Fernández Speroni

Delfina Patricia Meabe

Mariano Lattari

Fernando Raúl Perez Eseiza

Mariano Villani

Sebastian Senesi

Alfredo Oscar Alzueta

Pablo Semberoiz

Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Acopiadores

Schutter Argentina S.A.


Control Union

Control Union

Control Union

Centro de Asesoramiento Agropecuario






Facultad de Agronomía

Facultad de Agronomía

La Biznaga SA



National Interpretations are processes for analysing, interpreting and adapting the RTRS Standard of Production in line with the national, province, state or district law, and with the law applicable to the soy production process relevant to the country developing such national interpretation. It also requires taking into account any relevant international treaty and agreement that each country may have adopted. Once ratified and approved by RTRS Executive Board, the National Interpretation of the RTRS Standard of Responsible Soy Production that each soy-producing country may develop shall become the basis for certification in the relevant country.

December 13th, 2017