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RTRS Credit Buyers will be able to add a new logo to their products’ packages, adding to the existing “claims mechanism” that allows communicating support towards responsible soy.

Logo Creditos V2With this new initiative, RTRS Credit Buyers all over the world will be able to increase the visibility of their support towards responsible soy as they will have the possibility of including a new RTRS Credits Logo on their products’ packages. In this way, credit buyers will not only be allowed to make claims on marketing materials and news releases, but will also be able to include a new communications tool that can be used directly on packaging. Therefore, customers and final consumers will get direct knowledge of the brand’s concern for environmental and social issues, as well as its contributions to RTRS and efforts to be part of a global solution.

One of the main reasons for the success of RTRS credit trading is that it gives every organization or company the possibility to get involved and directly support responsible soy production, having a higher control and direct information on the sourcing of the product.

Finding the newly released logo on a package, means that enough credits were bought to cover for the amount of soy used in a specific product line. It also means that the credit buyer has provided RTRS with information detailing the progress of its credits transactions, therefore increasing transparency.

During 2013, credit trade grew more than 40% reaching over730,000 sold credits. With this new market solution, RTRS expects to attract new supporters, increase demand, and achieve greater accomplishments by the end of this year.