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“The coalition of the able and the willing is starting to happen”

The first Collaborative Soy Initiative Webinar “Deforestation and conversion free soy: how to collaborate better to make it happen?” was held on Tuesday 17 September. Something to celebrate indeed.

In its role as a global multistakeholder platform on soy, RTRS consistently strives to become a more inclusive organization. The goal is to make RTRS a wider arena where discussions and decisions made could have an impact and benefit all the soy chain stakeholders.

We truly believe that mutual understanding, trust, partnership working, and utilizing existing tools and initiatives is the key to achieving sustainability goals. We have a role that is to provide a space in which they can come together, debate, collaborate better, and co-create meaningful solutions.

In order to strengthen RTRS´s role as a global platform on soy we have initiated a profound work since 2016, which finally resulted in the launch of this very powerful initiative: the Collaborative Soy Initiative, which RTRS is convening and leading with strong conviction and motivation.

The Collaborative Soy Initiative is a result of the RTRS Responsible Soy Syntegration held in 2016, in Switzerland.

The main objectives of the Collaborative Soy Initiative are to:

  • gather information about the actions that are on-going in the soy sector, that resulted from the 2016 Syntegration
  • propose a space where things get done and come-up with new actions that are not yet done, but needed
  • facilitate the synergies between actions

Why an initiative to collaborate?

There are many tools available. We see many initiatives already there and they are sometimes very similar, delivering almost the same results. The ideal solution would be to be able to analyze all of them and use the findings and learnings to scale up the approach so sustainable zero deforestation and zero conversion supply chains can be delivered.

The Collaborative Soy Initiative will convene spaces and connections in which people and organizations will come together to collaborate, to analyze and systematize information about existing tools and initiatives, in order to achieve common goals. It represents an important opportunity for us to achieve greater synergies together.

RTRS celebrates this first CSI activity. The coalition of the able and the willing is starting to happen. It is essential that the partners in the Collaborative Soy Initiative work together close, since that might be the key approach in halting the destruction of global ecosystems and social issues.

We would like to give a special thanks to the members of the Collaborative Soy Initiative Steering Committee who have made this possible, and to the more than 100 participants

The Collaborative Soy Initiative convened by RTRS was set up in April 2019. It was built on the outcome of Syntegration, a working session which brought together 31 experts from 20 organizations across the soy sector, held in 2016 and facilitated by the Malik Institute.

The first collaborative and introductory virtual meeting “Deforestation and conversion free soy: how to collaborate better to make it happen?”, held on September 17, brought together 115 representatives from 70 organizations of the soy value chain. It was organized by IUCN, ProTerra Foundation, WWF and RTRS, with the collaboration and contribution of Donau Soja, IDH and Ahold Delhaize.

The goal of the webinar is to start a thinking process on synergies and collaboration among various initiatives and strategies to achieve 100% deforestation and conversion free responsible soy, globally.