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Who Should I get Certified With?

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FoodChain ID Certification

Certification Manager

Reference Contacts:

Deise Caron

Certification Manager

[email protected]

Tel: + 55 51 30127080

FoodChain ID is a global company that offers complete solutions in Sustainability and Non-GMO, among other areas. With a broad portfolio of testing, certification and verification services, FoodChain ID helps companies manage risk, demonstrate transparency and meet regulatory requirements around the world, addressing the challenges and opportunities of the food and feed industry.

FoodChain ID Certification has been in the market for 15 years, performing auditing and certification services for multiple sustainability standards, including the RTRS Production and Chain of Custody Standards, and Non-GMO identity preservation standards. With a highly competent team of auditors, FoodChain ID Certification delivers extremely high-quality work and provides ongoing customer support.