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In 2017, 14 new organizations joined the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS), which now has 194 members.

New members include Argentine company Caldenes Agropecuaria S.A., representing the Producers sector; Brazilian companies  CHS Agronegócio – Industria y Comercio LTDA (Industry, Trade and Finance) and Federación Brasileña de Plantio Direto e Irigação (Producers); European companies ALDI, LIDL, Menken Orlando, Nórdic Soya, Norvida, Solina and Young´s Seafood, representing Industry, Trade and Finance; Indian companies Avi Agri Business LTDA and Deesan, representing Observers and Paraguayan  Coprodes S.A. and Unexpa S.A., representing Industry, Trade and Finance.

New RTRS members express their commitment to environmental sustainability and underline the importance of responsible management across the entire soybean chain and their interest in promoting and contributing to sustainable and responsible production and processing.

The fact that these organizations become RTRS members shows the interest of large industries in being involved in sustainable processes to assure sustainability in their supply chains.

The number of organizations joining RTRS mission is growing. You can be part of it

Learn more about the organizations that joined RTRS in 2017.



Industry, Trade and Finance

ALDI SOUTH group is a leading international retailer with more than 5600 stores in 10 countries. Simplicity and responsibility are core values in the company with a business model designed to achieve the best quality, with the best price, with fair and honest product offers and efficient business processes. In all their activities, they assume their responsibility towards their stakeholders and the environment and take a commitment to sustainable supply chains.

ALDI SOUTH is also a member of other organizations including Danube Soya, Soy Network Switzerland, RSPO, Global Coffee Platform, German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, BSCI, BEPI, B.A.U.M., Stiftung 2 °, Australian Packaging Covenant and Juice CSR Platform. As a meat and dairy product retailer, the company considers it is essential to become an RTRS member in order to produce sustainable soybean and participate in the global dialogue on sustainable soybean and contribute to the goal of zero deforestation.

Avi Agri Business Ltd.


Industry, Trade and Finance

Indian leading manufacturer and exporter of non-GMO soybean-based food and feed  products, the company exports to Europe, Southeast Asia, Far East, South America, and other destinations.

AVI AGRI BUSINESS is ISO 22000, ISO 9001 certified and has the Cert-ID Non-GMO certification.



Industry, Trade and Finance

Founded in 1929, CHS is an agribusiness and energy cooperative from US with business alliances with more than 625 thousand producers. For more than ten years, it has been active in South America- Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay – in the trade and exchange of grains, fertilizers and ethanol.

One of the main pillars of CHS´s sustainability strategy is contributing to sustainable agriculture by promoting RTRS certification and similar programs among their key customers in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. CHS also undertakes social responsibility initiatives in the communities where it operates.




COPRODES S.A. is an agribusiness specialist that provides consultancy services,  based in Santa Rita, Paraguay. The company is concerned about society, agriculture and the environment, focusing on technology transfer and developing sustainable and feasible projects in the public and private sector.

For the past 10 years, COPRODES S.A. has been engaged in the sustainable development of rural areas and currently runs a certification process for good agricultural practices in cooperatives. After joining RTRS it intends to strengthen its relationship with producers and to support the production of certified soybean.



Industry, Trade and Finance

Deesan it is one of the leading soybean processors in Dhule, Maharashtra state, India, which produces value added products. The soya products manufactured by DEESAN have wide applications in food, feed stuff, confectionery, baking, pharmaceuticals and downstream products, such as high protein soybean meal concentrates, defatted soybean meal (both toasted & untoasted),  fermented soybean meal, etc.

The company is ISO and GMP certified and has the Halal, Kosher, Free Sale and other certifications. DEESAN states its commitment to the environment and devotes time and effort to apply for approval and consent of the Indian government Pollution Control Agency. It also aims at distributing its quality products worldwide applying RTRS principles.



Industry, Trade and Finance

Lidl is a German grocery chain expanded all over Europe operating in more than 20 countries with more than 10000 stores and plans to expand over to United Stated.

Aware of their responsibility towards mankind and nature, the company is committed to continuously contributing to environment and climate, through its employees, CSR initiatives and its product range. In keeping with their motto, “A better tomorrow”, Lidl shows its commitments with the company´s responsibilities. Responsible soybean is one of the many topics the company is focusing on to improve their product sustainability.


The Netherlands

Industry, Trade and Finance

MENKEN ORLANDO is an internationally-operating, family-run company  that develops and supply food products for retail and food service clients throughout Europe. The company’s products give an extra touch any time, either as a snack, in between or a as an addition to a meal.

In Merken Orlando products are designed to the highest standards, tasteful and safe. Their broad range of raw materials are imported from all over the world and they are produced, blended or packed at their own factory. Soy is an ingredient present in many of the products bought by the company.  Being an RTRS Member is for MENKEN ORLANDO one more way to create a  sustainable supply chain and show its commitment.



Industry, Trade and Finance

NORDIC SOYA is a soybean processor from Finland, European Union. The company´s objective is to become the leading European producer and trader of high quality, refined soybean-based raw materials in the animal feed industry.

NORDIC SOYA has a processing capacity of 240,000 tons of soybean per year.  It sells soybean meal, soybean oil and soybean protein concentrate (SPC) mainly to feed companies in Finland and Europe. It buys responsible soybean mostly from Brazil and Canada.



Industry, Trade and Finance

NORVIDA is a leading importer of meat products with a very positive image in the various markets it supplies.

The company works with clear quality, ethics and safety requirements, which provide the basis to produce and supply quality ground meat and processed products for producers all over the world, the Norwegian food sector, retailers and  catering companies. Additionally it participates in the Swedish Soy Dialogue, which means it has to meet the commitment to certify the soybean used in its products.



Industry, Trade and Finance

SOLINA GROUP serves the entire food sector in Europe, with a unique experience and  know-how on customer care and complete solutions in 3 main areas: taste & visual, functional ingredients and nutritional end products. It has a specific focus on food safety and  sustainability.

The company joined RTRS in order to guide their customers and give them the possibility to choose soybean-based raw materials coming from a socially fair, economically feasible and environmentally sound production system. The company will support responsible soybean production, processing and trading and will offer their customers RTRS certified soybean.

Unexpa S.A.


Industry, Trade and Finance

UNEXPA is a trading company that includes the participation of cooperatives and private agribusiness companies in Paraguay. Main activities are foreign trade, logistics, grain exports and fertilizer imports.

The company promotes respect towards people and environment and applies ethical values in their business. UNEXPA´s core motivation is adding value to its products, by certifying the supply chain management process and the quality of exported products.

Young’s Seafood

United Kingdom

Industry, Trade and Finance

Young’s Seafood is a leading seafood manufacturer in the UK, sourcing over 30 species from 5 continents. The company provides a broad portfolio of chilled and frozen fish to Britain’s major retailers, restaurants and food service businesses..

The company participates  in the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) Oversight Board and keeps the commitment to have all its supply chains RFS certified. Young’s Seafood has its own sustainability program called Fish For Life, to make sure that their seafood is sourced only from responsible fisheries and aquaculture.




CALDENES AGROPECUARIA S.A. is a private company with more than 65 years in the farming and livestock sector, leader in Hereford breed and Certified Agriculture in Argentina. The company has implemented a Quality Management System to assure sustainable production, which includes GAP – Good Agricultural Practices and GLP – Good Livestock Practices, as required by the  AAPRESID AC program and the RTRS – EU RED production standard.

Livestock production at Caldenes starts with natural or implanted pastures, the use of calendars, selection, GLPs and animal welfare, and is supported by an agricultural production that provides protein, energy and fiber. The company has the GAP, AC and RTRS – EU RED certifications.  CALDENES AGROPECUARIA is interested in contributing to and supporting the growing demand for quality food in a context of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Federação Brasileira de Plantio Direto e Rigação



Federación Brasileña de Siembra Directa e Irrigación (FEBRAPDP) (Brazilian No Till and Irrigation Federation) aims at providing information and guidance on the no till and irrigation system in Brazil. In order to promote no till practices, it organizes presentations, debates, conferences, congresses and other meetings where members and institutions share experiences and new developments. It also promotes the integration of Member institutions and government departments, research and extension agencies and represents the interest of Member institutions locally and globally.

FEBRAPDP is a No Tillers´ Association in the Cerrado region,   which shares common interests with RTRS and has agreed to join the Association´s projects.