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  • Jeroen Douglas, The Netherlands President of the RTRS
  • Gustavo Grobocopatel, Grupo Los Grobo, Argentina.
  • Chen Ying, China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuff, Native Products and Animal By-Products, China.
  • Jason Clay, WWF, US.
    Topic: RTRS Issues: Traceability, Bundled Values, and Global Market Strategies
  • Jan-Kees Vis, UNILEVER, The Netherlands.
    Topic: Managing sustainability in global value chains.
  • Ron Van Erck, DG Energy, European Commission.
    Topic: Renewable Energy Directive and the state-of-affairs.
  • Jorge Hilbert, INTA, Argentina.
    Topic: Argentine soy case study
  • David Walden, Winrock, US
    Topic: Biodiesel from soy in Brazil – is it sustainable?
  • Martina Gaebler, GTZ, Germany, APDC, Brazil.
    opic: A RED compliant methodology and an overview of other relevant GHG methodologies
  • Victoria Junquera, RSB, Switzerland
    Topic: Addressing GHG Emissions and Indirect Impacts in the RSB Standard
  • Michelle Morton Shell, International
  • Alvaro Dilli, SLC Agricola, Brazil
    Topic: Vision of big scale producer in Brazil.
  • John Landers, APDC, Brazil
    Topic: Vision of medium- and small-scale producers in Brazil
  • Ashis Mondal, India soy forum, India.
    Topic: Vision of small scale producers in India
  • Feng Xiao,China Soybean Industry Association, China
    Topic: RTRS and China: opportunities for Chinese small scale producers
  • Patrick Lynch, Greenergy, United Kingdom
    Topic: Vision of a European Biodiesel Buyer
  • Frederique Abreu, IICA, International
    Topic: Biofuels in the Americas: An overview
  • Alberto Saucedo, FAO, Chile
    Topic: Sustainable Bioenergy Integrated Food Energy Systems
  • Victor Castro CARBIO, Argentina
    Topic: Importance of biodiesel sustainable certificate within the soybean value chain
  • Hazel Schofield Renewable Fuel Agency, United Kingdom
    Topic: Soy biodiesel in the UK and European Union