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Task Force Brazil

A Working Group adapted to Brazilian Reality

At the beginning of 2013, we created Task Force Brazil, formed by Brazilian members that aimed at developing, implementing and structuring RTRS activities in Brazil and, in the long term, driving outspread adoption of RTRS soy in Brazil. The function of this Task Force within this vision is to propose and adopt an outreach strategy, together with annual plans involving domestic and foreign stakeholders.

The aim of creating this Task Force in Brazil is to define priorities, focus on energies and resources, strengthen operations, assure that stakeholders work together with common goals, and reach consensus on the expected output and, consequently, intensifying RTRS soy production in Brazil.

Working Group Members

Amaggi (Producers) Solidaridad (Civil Society)
SLC Agrícola (Producers) Aliança da Terra (Civil Society)
APDC (Producers) Rabobank (Finances)
FAPCEN (Producers) Santander (Finances)
Sindicato Rural Luis Eduardo Magalhaes (Producers) Unilever (Industry)
Sindicato Rural Coromandel (Producers) Bayer CropScience (Industry)
Brookfield Brasil (Producers) Monsanto (Industry)
WWF (Civil Society) Control Union (Certification Body)
TNC (Civil Society) Schutter Brasil (Certification Body)
Earth Innovation Institute (Civil Society) Cert-ID (Certification Body)
ICV (Civil Society)

Facilitator: Daniel Meyer, RTRS Market Development Brazil

Chairman: Terence Baines, Unilever (Previous: Giovana Baggio, The Nature Conservancy).

Meetings and Events

July 2015:  9° Reunión
February 2015: Viaje de Campo
January 2015: 8° Reunión
November 2014:  7°  Reunión
July 2014: 5° Reunión
December 2013: 3° Reunión
August 2013: 2° Reunión
March 2013: 1° Reunión