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Executive Secretariat

Turning Objectives into Action

In order to concentrate the organisation’s management, technical and communications tasks, we have based the Executive Secretariat in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from where activities are coordinated on a global level. Moreover, the Secretariat counts on an international working team, which includes Market Development Representatives in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Europe and Paraguay. Meet them here.


Marcelo Visconti

Executive Director

Agricultural Engineering UBA, including a Marketing and Sales Excellence Programme at INSEAD, France


Jimena Froján

Technical Unit and Program Manager

She has a degree in Environmental Sciences from Universidad del Salvador (USAL, Argentina)


Enrique Molas

RTRS Representative in Paraguay

Agronomist (UNA) and Master’s Degree in Seed Science and Technology (UFPel)


Laura Vilegas

Communication Officer

Degree in Communication Planning (UBA, Argentina) and Master in Organizational Communication Management (AUSTRAL, Argentina)


Catalina Ale Monserrat

Market Development Analyst

Degree in Economics at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)


Daniel Kazimierski

Technical Unit Officer

Administration at the University of Buenos Aires. Especialization in Law and Economics of Climate Change.


Fernando Olivieri

Administration and Governance Assistant

Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)