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Executive Board



Acting for the last 25 years on the agricultural commodity markets, Christophe Callu Mérite started as an international broker for a few years and then focused his career at the service of the animal nutrition industry, working as a commodity buyer for major French feed companies such as Terrena or Sanders. Now, he is working as a ”purchaser for account” within Feed Alliance, an atypical services French company to whom feed manufacturers outsource their raw materials purchases. In this position, Christophe provides his expertise to his exclusive customers on the EU oilmeals markets where he is specialized in terms of procurement, purchase and hedging, running more than a 1 million tonnes per year buying book of vegetable proteins (soyameal, rapemeal, sunmeal, etc…). Member of the RTRS European Task Force, sustainability is for Christophe a regular issue, concretely acting both on the physical flow to source and purchase responsible soy as per Food requirements, and on the RTRS Trading Platform as a Credits buyer for brand considerations as well as willingness to support the global move on sustainability through RTRS actions.